This room, designated at "hobo hole" because a homeless alcoholic, an accomplished dentist in his former life, lived there for several winters, is at the back of the main house. It can be used by guests who don't mind being waken by roosters, who tend to hang around the attic space over this room, at 5am

Other accommodation options: the room over the shower, tree house, wagon, conventional tents, hammock tent, caves, staying with neighbours....

A cross between a horse and a deer will give you smooth and gracious run while not caring a bit how cold it is.
Helmets are available and I am in the habit of saying out loud that you must wear them.
Hilly terrain, lots of water.
Home-raided horses are quite socialized to humans are are usually quite friendly to children. As long as the latter don't try to make them work.
The view onto the bridge from the hill overlooking city.
The regional history museum
[photos of typical dishes]
Although, technically, this is a vegetarian place, we don't serve wimpy "healthy" food.  The best praise for my style of cooking was a complaint from a fat lady who came here to lose wait and was disappointed that the results were quite contrary to what was expected. 

Signs like this are still not common. The area consists mostly of empty space. The terrain is hilly, with lots of ravines and small sreams running over stone. Trails everywhere, as good for riding as it gets.