Uncle Pasha's Dacha

on the Volga river, near the city of Staritsa, Tver region, between Moscow & Saint Petersburg, Russia.

Horseback rides and trips, horse riding lessons, Gypsy-style riding holidays.

Small. Inexpensive. Home born and raised horses of local variety.

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Webmaster 2011:

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PS. A message from Uncle Pasha

Moscow, March 17 2011.

I've had my fill of Russian village life. Having admitted my failure not only in improving my motherland's countryside but even at carving a comfortable niche for myself in the Upper Volga boonies, I've transferred the project, along with a bunch of advice which I hope will help him from prematurely turning into a grumpy old man I've become, to the capable hands of Dimitry (Dima), my assistant of many years.Alla-the-environmental-law-expert, who speaks English, is looking after travellers from afar that you presumably are. Her daughter Sophie administers the English version of the site. If my presence in Staritsa is required, I can make it there almost any time before the end of May 2011. After that I'm leaving the cruel world by relocating myself to theKandalaksha Nature Reserve on the White Sea, at the very edge of the empire, where my place is life will be feeding mosquitoes and trying to avoid assistingAlexandra in counting Eider eggs and excrements.




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News & Announcements


                                  September 10 2011

  Hi! We (Alla and Sophie) have returned from UK. We really enjoyed our trip! Summer was great. Now it�s autumn, but it is not a reason for stay at home thinking that there are nothing interesting outside. Welcome to Uncle Pasha�s dacha! Autumn is a goot time for visiting it. There is no mosquitos now, so horses are not nervous like in summer. There are less people now, so you can do many hours horserides (horses are unlimited) and enjoy russian countryside. Throw your bad mood into the window and have a wonderfull autumn holiday!

Please, write to Uncle Pasha if you want to visit Dacha.

                                  August 13 2011

  We (Alla and Sophy) are going to visit England for two weeks. Now we are in Brest (Belorussia), and maybe it�s the last town where we have the Internet. So, we will not be able to receive and answer letters.

Please, write to Uncle Pasha if you want to visit Dacha.

July 27 2011
Few days ago we (Alla and Sophy) left the Dacha and went to the place where we can have a rest we deserved. Now Uncle Pasha lives there. It is mean that people who will come while his staying at the Dacha will have a chance to understand why some people are afraid of him:-) But if Uncle Pasha be in a good mood he will prepare interesting and very tasty meal and maybe will tell you funny stories

July 22 2011
�In the summer of 2011 three Scandinavian lads found their way to Dubrovki and Uncle Pashas dacha. They had been in St. Petersburg and Novgorod, but this was indeed the ?real? Russia, at the heart of the Volga river. As two of them were from Sweden the original home of the Rus, the Viking warriors that founded Russia, the sight of the Volga river and the landscape gave imaginations of their forefathers sailing these rivers a thousand yeas ago. To be able to live in a century old Russian country? house, without running water and together with cats, chickens, hens, a dog and horses was a dream for everyone looking for a genuine Russian experience. We will remember Dubrovki and Uncle Pashas dacha for the rest of on lives, and will tell on friends to visit here if they ever go to Russia. Jonathan, Board, Robert �

July 17 2011
During the last week we had five guests from England. �To fellow novice horse riders: do not be put off by initial mishaps! I was geared up to ride alone for the first time and allocated the so called �calm� horse Moonie. When Moonie refused to move this seemed completely in keeping with her description and I thought I was in for a gentle ride. I was proved wrong! Instead, Moonie decided to stubbornly strut off in the opposite direction to the group, marched straight into a tree and left me with no option but to clutch an oncoming low branch and unceremoniously jump off the rear end of the horse! Scratched and shaken I almost backed out, but I plucked up the courage to get back on, this time on Lyagushka, and had a fantastic ride!� Sarah, UK

July 12 2011
Probably this Saturday (July, 16) Uncle Pasha will go to the Dacha by car. He'll go back to Moscow on Monday (July, 18). Passengers are welcome!

July 8 2011
We've personally cleaned up the kitchen to make the Russian Dacha Experience less of a shock to a foreign traveller. We've also introduce a ban on excessive vodka-drinking for our Russian guests for your greater comfort.

July 6 2011
We (Alla and Sophie) are here in person and will be especially happy to see you.