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Honestly, I don't know.

I'll think up of a semblance of a valid reason to visit this hole of a place. What if I market it as "genuine" and "un-touristy" and "unrecognized treasure of a city" if that goes down well with you, the gullible traveller. A factory town in the state of economic and political crisis - that's what Tver is. Your typical blank Russian faces on the streets. Burning dumpsters. Groups of leather-clad young men in street corners. Yuk.

The location between Moscow and St. Petersburg is great however. And take a short side trip - and you are in the City of Staritsa, and the famous leaky wooden boat will take you across the Volga to the Village of Dubrovki, where I live if that can be called a living. And that's when your trip has a chance to acquire a measure of meaning in the form of $25/person/day contribution to my silly project in exchange for a place under the roof, access to primitive washing facilities, and the questionable pleasure of getting on top of agricultural animals and making them move around aimlessly. 


Tver to Staritsa,


Staritsa to Dubrovki

Enjoy your Russian travel. Try to anyway.

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